Summer Break is just around the corner!

Weekly camps for ages 7-12

During the week, the kids will learn the basic swing fundamentals of the full swing including (grip, stance, posture, set up and aiming). We will have fun playing target games on the driving range and full use of the short game facility.

All students will learn the importance of the short game (chipping, pitching, and putting). The skills the kids learn from Tuesday- Thursday will be put to the test when we go play 18-holes at Rupert Park par 3 on Friday.

During the week they will also learn the rules, proper etiquette and respect for the golf course, teacher, and peers. I’m excited to spend time with everyone and teach them the great game of golf!

ONLY $299

This year, Steven has teamed up with another instructor to help out with the kids. The class size is now 12 students, 6 students per instructor.
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